Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler- 

Rs 7992 

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler is a highly advanced personal cooler that results in high cooling performance. It uses a Blower and is suitable to be used in a 125 sq.ft room. With the tank capacity of 18 litres, you will not have to fill the water tank at every short interval. Moreover, to makes the usage further convenient, this cooler by Voltas also consists of the Auto-Fill Tankfeature.

It uses the highly efficient Honeycomb Pad as the cooling media. Moreover, with the 3 speed control options, this cooler enables you in customising the speed of the Blower as per your requirement. The multi-directional castor wheels, water level indicator, oscillating swing control etc. are some of the other paramount features of this cooler.

The best part is that you can use this cooler even when there is a power cut as it also works on your Inverter. This personal air cooler by Voltas comes along with 1 year Voltas India warranty.

Honeycomb Pad Cooling Media

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler uses the Honeycomb Pad as the cooling media. When compared to the wooden fibres, the Honeycomb Pad is much more efficient. It is made up of paper cellulose and comes in the form of pads. The pads absorb and retain more water, which in turn cools the air with much more efficiency.

Auto-Fill Tank

This 18 Litres cooler by Voltas also comes with the Auto-Fill Tank, which result in convenient usage of the cooler. With the Auto-Fill Tank you do not have to manually fill the water in to the tank. You can connect the cooler’s tank to the main water pipeline and the tank gets automatically filled with water, when required.

Speed Control

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler comes with 3 speed control. It is a user-friendly feature of this cooler that helps you in adjusting the speed of the air flow as per your need. You can easily select any of the available speed options from high, medium and low.

Works on Inverter

Unlike the conventional Air Coolers, the new and highly advanced Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler works even on Inverters. It consumes only 80 Watts of power and therefore, this cooler by Voltas results in an efficient cooling even when connected to your inverter. This feature makes the cooler very suitable to be used in those areas, which faces frequent power cuts.

Powerful Air Throw

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler comes with a powerful Air Throw Distance of 19.5 ft, which helps the cooler in giving an optimum cooling performance. Even if you keep the cooler at a distance, it won’t compromise on cooling in any way.

Oscillating Swing Control

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler gives you Oscillating Swing Control that is meant to help in proper circulation of the air inside your room. You can set the air flow as per your requirement.

Multi-Directional Castor Wheels

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler consists of multi-directional castor wheels that help in convenient movement of the cooler from one corner of the room to the other corner. Therefore, it results in safe and convenient usage of this personal cooler by Voltas. It protects both the cooler and the user.

High Grade Non-Conducting Material

The outer body of Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler is made with the high grade non-conducting material that keeps you protected in case of electrical faults. The high quality plastic material of the body also keeps it safe from rusting and corrosion.

In the Box

The sales package consists of the following contents:

·         Main Unit

·         User Guide

·         Warranty Card

One Year Voltas India Warranty

Voltas 18 Ltr VA-P18M Personal Cooler can be now instantly ordered online at Snapdeal. It is the India’s largest online marketplace that provides you this highly efficient cooler at its best price available online. Adding more to it, Snapdeal also offers you with 1 year Voltas India warranty on this personal cooler. The warranty ensures complete protection of your cooler against all sorts of the defects in its manufacturing. In case you ever find one such defect, you can always contact to your nearest service centre authorised by Voltas. The company will repair or replace the cooler or its parts free of cost, if it is within the warranty period.

About Voltas

Voltas Limited is one of the largest air conditioning companies in India that was founded in the year 1954. It manufactures heating equipment’s, air conditioners, refrigerators, air coolers and various other industrial products. The strength of the company lies in its management and execution of electro-mechanical projects.  With its headquarters in Mumbai, Voltas has spread its network across many other cities of India. It also has offices in Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Sales Package Main Unit
Brand Voltas
Model VA-P18M
Type Personal Cooler
Colour White
Speed Control High/Medium/Low
Air Delivery 400 m cube/hr, 235 CFM
Air throw distance 19.5 feet
Cooling Area 125 sq. ft.
Water Tank Capacity 18 Litres
Cooling Medium Honeycomb Pad
Operation Mechanical
Fan/Blower Blower
Swing Control Oscillating, Four Directional Air Flow
Water Level Indicator Yes
Power Supply 230 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 70 Watts, Rated Power Input Cooling: 80 Watts
Other Features Castor Wheels; Works on inverter; Auto fill tank; Circular Oscillating Louvers; 410 pieces per 40 HQ; Ideal for: Residential Use
Dimension (W x H x D): 433 x 914 x 310 mm
Weight 7.6 Kg